When it comes to dog shock collars, the truth is that there are a lot of good things about them as well as some bad. Before you make a final decision as to whether or not you want to invest in one of these training devices for your pet, it is important that you take the time to review the good and bad things about them.

The Good

One of the best things about shock collars is that they can be extremely effective at training dogs, producing results in a very short period of time. If you don’t want to wait months until you start seeing behavioral improvements with your dog, a shock collar might be a good investment to make. These devices work on the basis of negative reinforcement, which has been known to very effective in training dogs not to bark as well as engage in a number of other undesirable behaviors.

Most dogs tend to respond well to shock collars, although not all dogs respond the same way to them. While a very low intensity level might be perfect adequate for one time, another may require a higher intensity shock. You will find that most of these collars are waterproof and come with a number of different intensity settings that you can switch to at any given time. If you find that a certain intensity level isn’t quite working with your dog, you can always go up to the next one. You can go to to read reviews of high quality and popular shock collars.

The Bad

There can be some drawbacks to using a shock collar with your dog, such as that it may start to associate the pain they feel from the shock with objects in their environment instead of the behavior you are trying to discourage. This can sometimes lead to anxiety or negative associations with certain places and objects, which is something you will not want to deal with.

Shock collars have been known to increase stress levels in some dogs, ultimately affecting their overall quality of life. While you may not be able to tell that your dog is stressed right away, using a shock collar on a regular basis can certainly affect your pet’s overall emotional well-being. While not all dogs suffer from this problem, some of them do. There is no guarantee that using a shock collar on your dog will not create any additional stress or anxiety for it, which is why many people decide not to use any of these devices.


The fact is that there are good and bad things about using a shock collar to train your dog. While it is true that shock collars can be very effective at training dogs not to bark and other things, this effectiveness sometimes comes at a cost for the dog. If you decide to use one of these training devices, it is important that you use it properly and conservatively. If you notice that your dog is suffering from any negative or adverse effects, you should stop using the collar immediately.