Digestive enzymes, including lipase and lactase, are proteins that play a very important role in breaking down food and turning them into digestible nutrients, which are absorbed and used by the body in various ways. Probiotics for dogs, on the other hand, are microorganisms that come with many different benefits when they are taken in the proper amounts.

Probiotics Help Digestion

Probiotics can help digestive enzymes with the digestion of food as well as processing of waste. There have been certain studies done that suggest that taking digestive enzymes over a long period of time may not be as beneficial as we once though, because the body could stop producing its own and become too dependent on the supplements.

Probiotics are safe to take over a long period of time, simply because adult bodies do not produce their own and there is absolutely no risk of addiction when supplementing probiotic levels in the body.

Digestive Enzymes Breaks Down Nutrients

Digestive enzymes break down macromolecules into smaller nutrients that are easier for the body to absord. These enzymes are naturally found in the gastrointestinal tract as well as the saliva, stomach acid, pancreatic juice, and various intestinal secretions.

Probiotics, though, are much more heavily concentrated in both the small and large intestines. Digestive enzymes consist of proteases and peptides which are responsible for breaking down proteins and lipases, which in turn break down fats.

It is possible to extract digestive enzymes from certain foods and take them as a supplement, which can be extremely useful for those who have issues with food tolerance. The only downside to these supplements is that the person taking them can form a dependency, which is why long term use is not recommended.

Probiotics Location

Probiotics are essentially bacteria that are located in the digestive tract and are very important when it comes to a person’s overall health. This type of bacteria balances everything within the digestive tract, strengthens immune function, and promotes good digestive health as a whole.

The probiotics in our bodies are inherited from our mothers and they can be permanently lost because of poor diet or excessive use of antibiotics. Probiotics are, however, available in the form of a supplement as well as certain foods like yogurt and fermented vegetables.

Digestive Enyzmes Are Found

The digestive enzymes in our bodies are found in the pancreas, salivary glands, stomach, and small intestine. Whenever we eat food, our digestive system needs to break it down into nutrients before it can be fully absorbed, and digestive enzymes are responsible for breaking them down into nutrients. Production of digestive enzymes begins to slow after about age 30, and it is extremely important that we replenish them regularly.

Both Supplements Are Useful

Even a person with a healthy diet can be unable to absorb the necessary nutrients from the food they eat, which is why these supplements can be so incredibly useful. Digestive enzymes can be purchased as supplements, most of which are derived from plants.

Many people who take digestive enzyme supplements as well as probiotic supplement claim to feel more energized with little to no bloating after eating meals, as well as getting sick less with fewer incidents of infection. Both of these supplements are very important for a healthy body, but they serve different purposes. While probiotics can be taken long term, digestive enzymes are meant for short term use only because of the potential for dependency.

Probiotics Bacteria

Probiotics are living organisms, whereas digestive enzymes are not. Although most of us think of bacteria as being something bad that causes illness, probiotics are a “good” type of bacteria that actually help the body in a number of ways. While probiotics are typically bacterial, there are even some species of yeast that do the same thing as probiotics.

Enzymes Not Living Things

Enzymes are not living things, but rather are proteins, meaning they are essentially large molecules that cost of long chains of smaller molecules known as amino acids. Our bodies produce enzymes in the cells of numerous organs, such as the stomach and pancreas, secreting them when necessary to help with the digestive process of turning food into nutrients. Without a healthy amount of these enzymes in your body, it can be difficult or even impossible to extract nutrients from the food you eat.

Why Digestive Enzyme Are Necessary

Every person needs nutrients to remain healthy, which is why it is necessary for some people to take digestive enzyme supplements. If your body is no longer naturally producing digestive enzymes, you will need to get them another way.

While it is not a good idea to take these enzyme supplements for long periods of time, they can help even in the short term. Digestive enzymes, unlike probiotics, are simply chemicals that are naturally produced by our bodies. These chemicals consist of complex molecules and production of them begins to slow as we get older, which is why it is often necessary for people of a certain age to take supplements.

Beneficial To Human and Animals

Both probiotics and digestive enzyme supplements can be highly beneficial for both humans and animals. While humans need both of these things to stay healthy, dogs and other animals can benefit from taking these supplements as well.

Just like with humans, as a dog it gets older it stops producing digestive enzymes, making it harder to break down food and turn it into nutrients. If you have an older dog that isn’t digesting food as it should, these supplements can be of great help.

Probiotics Hype

There is currently a lot of media attention surrounding probiotics, but it is not all hype. Probiotics are indisputably important for our bodies, but there are certain companies that are overhyping them and making false claims. If you have decided that you want to start taking probiotics or even give them to your dog, it is crucial that you take the time to find a supplement product that is all-natural.

There are certain probiotic supplements that are more powerful than others, and dosage is definitely something to consider, especially if you are going to give them to your dog. Both digestive enzymes and probiotics are incredibly important, and they can be used in combination for a more powerful effect.